Advanced Soft Tissue Management Course 2 days

August 11-12, 2023 (Las Vegas, NV)

Advanced bone + Soft tissue management 3 days

June 9-11, 2023 (Washington DC)

Advanced bone management 2 days

October 20-21, 2023 (los angeles, ca) 

"East meets West" 2022

Welcome to our 2023 hands on-courses

Soft Tissue Course Summary and Objectives:

-This course is designed for general practitioners and specialists who want to learn and advance their soft tissue management skills around teeth and implants

-Biology, Diagnosis and Treatment planning of mucogingival defects and science behind discussed

-Principles used in root coverage procedures and gingival augmentation around teeth and implants (Developing a decision tree)

-Recipient and donor site preparation, harvesting techniques and donor site protection

-Autogenous vs Allograft in root coverage and implant coverage as well as various soft augmentation procedures.

- Management of post operative complications 

- How do you make your patient accept your mucogingival surgical plan tips and pearls 

-2 day Hands-on pig jaws performing Free Gingival Graft and Root Coverage procedures, suturing techniques, harvesting and site preparation techniques

Hard Tissue Course Summary and Objectives

- Review of bone biology and concepts used on Bone augmentation techniques and procedures.

- Flap design and soft tissue management in hard tissue augmentation and preservation procedures

- Review of bone grafts, membranes and other materials and sutures

- Management of edentulous ridges (pre/post GBR) and flap design

- Review of advanced suturing techniques and materials

- Socket and Ridge Augmentation techniques (Sausage vs Periosteal membrane stabilization,

- Bone augmentation at the time of implant placement), flap design and management (periosteal and mylohyoid release)

2 day Hands-On PigJaw: Sausage with Tacks/Suture membrane stabilization/Grafting around immediate and delayed implant situations, advanced socket management 

woman holding white medical tool

2 Day soft tissue course Techniques Covered

A little glimpse on what we do and teach for our hands-on course.

Free Gingival Grafts A-Z around teeth

VISTA aka #3mmholetechnique

Zuchelli + CTG

Peri-Implant Tissue Augmentation

Tunneling with Acellular Dermal Matrix 

Harvesting Techniques: SECTG vs deep-FGG

Immediate Implants Soft Tissue Management      

Implant Site Preparation

Mastering the Emergence Profile

Laterally Closed tunnel


Esthetic Crown lengthening

advanced suturing techniques

Washington Dc: 3-Day soft tissue and bone management course 

Combination of Soft + Hard tissue management in implant dentistry, review of biological materials in bone augmentation procedures 


delayed implant bone augmentation

tack/pin membrane stabilization

periosteal membrane stabilization

Khoury review

Full arch bone augmentation

Advanced socket management 

flap management

suturing in advanced bone grafting procedures

Biomaterial selection

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